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managed hosting

We handle everything so you can focus on running your business.

What is managed hosting?

Most hosting is unmanaged. The hosting company gives you limited space on a server and the website is your responsibility. Unmanaged hosting puts you at risk of hacks, spamming, downtime, poor performance, accidentally breaking the set with untested updates or plugins and total data loss due to inadequate backups. Our managed service mitigates all of these threats.

High performance

Managed hosting & support

Price: $180 /month (AUD)

Fast, secure managed hosting on Australian servers specifically configured to host the websites we make.

We included everything your business needs – from SSL certificates, domain name, high-performance website hosting and more. It even includes minor updates to your content if you need them.

Our hosting platform is optimised for the fastest speed in a secure environment specifically configured to host the websites we make.

Australian based servers and no call center. Local support is provided by V & Michael.

Scale with confidence knowing our website resource allocation is very generous. (bandwidth, storage, etc)

We automatically save daily backups of your website and keep copies on your account.

We keep your website platform up to date with the latest patches and updates  to ensure it is secure. This includes updating your plugins giving your website the very latest features available in the marketplace.

24/7 server and site monitoring with alerts ensure we are on to any issue as soon as it occurs.

You are not locked in and free to change providers at any time.


Let’s team up and host your website

We design, develop, deliver custom websites for start up and small to medium sized businesses.

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