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Full stack website studio

Creating thoughtful
websites for businesses
on the rise.

Our specialty lies in elevating businesses with smart and approachable web solutions that represent the spirit of the work. We want to empower you so you can empower others.

Hey There!

We are V & Michael, web designers and developers with a focus on helping start up & small to medium sized businesses meet their full potential.

We are V and Michael, the dynamic duo at Click Websites. We are best friends, lovers, partners and parents in life. Tech heads from birth, type "workaholic" blood group, with a daring drive to make dreams come true. Vanilla and chocolate, pictures and numbers, experience and more, Michael sees the trees and V sees the forest. We are a perfect yin and yang combo, with a wild and fabulous dream to help the inspiring go getters. Together, we are Click Websites.

Thinks in pictures and works in different waves. Born with a visual way of thinking. You’ll find her at a cafe sipping on magics in her own wonderful world. People watching, trends and personality reading is her jam. Enjoys loud music, routine and working in the shadows. She’s confident, passionate and brilliant in all things creative.

Is made up of 10% coffee and 90% genius. He finds maths really fun and will respectfully (without effort) beat you in a game of monopoly. Born with an overly huge heart, brain and pure white bones. Helping people is an easy give, hand holding is easier. His passion is real and his personality is contagious.



Visual Design

Content Strategy

Website UX









Graphic Design

Aside from being designers & developers we're also...

Coffee Addicts


Caravan campers

Wine collectors

Cocktail makers

Tech heads

Sweet tooth’s


LET’S Work Together

Now that you know about us,
we’d love to learn about you & your project.

We design, develop, deliver custom websites for start up and small to medium sized businesses.

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